Who loves to talk about what happened yesterday more than fishermen. CommuniFish gives all fishermen a fast, easy way to communicate with anyone in the country about the fish they caught the day before.


As fishermen, we would never want to disclose our favorite locations to outsiders. CommuniFish is a secure site that will give you privacy, but also will allow you to provide any information to other fishermen that you are willing to.


One of the most important aspects to being a fishermen is being able to speak with older and younger generations about fishing. CommuniFish allows you to do this very easy! Spreading knowledge is the key to success.

Were ready for new Countries on CommuniFish

If you live in a different Country and would like it added to CommuniFish, please provide your information.

Features  growing every day.


CommuniFish was developed to help fishermen communicate with other fishermen across the country. The one thing that sets CommuniFish apart from other fishing forums is that you can select what county you would like to create a discussion in. Also, you can visit the county and talk with other fishermen directly.

CommuniFish Tabs

CommuniFish is set up with a tab structure. What this means to the user is that there is no going between pages and waiting for a page to load. CommuniFish was specifically built in this manner to make the experience of using this website the best a user can have. Listed below are the tabs that most users will see. As the site grows, so will the functionality and the amount of options there are. Take a look below to learn more before becoming a user.


This is where you enter the majority of your personal information. The intention for the profile area is to find other fishermen by what you like. Also, the profile area is where you upload your discussion image and set your weather settings so you can view what the weather in your county is for that day.

My Discussions

This is where you create discussions. All discussions that you create will show up here. You can also reply to users posting on your discussions from this area. Also, after you have created a discussion, you may save that discussion for later use or delete it.

Fishing Pals

This is where you create discussions that are used to communicate with only your fishing Pals. A discussion created in this area will only be seen by your friends and will not be public to other users. Use this area to talk about fishing or have a personal discussion. You may also save or delete friend discussion in this area.

My County

This is where you comment on discussions created by other users. Search discussions by what you want to talk about. Also, in this area you can ask other users to be your friend. If you see another user that has the same fishing interests as you, ask them to be your friend! After you ask a user to be your friend, it is their job to accept or deny you as a friend.

Find a County

This area is the main feature of CommuniFish. You may search first by state, and then find a county you want to speak to users in. Once you have located the specific county and entered it you may comment on others discussions. Also, after entering a county, you may select the county to be in your county list in the "my discussion" page so you can create discussions directly in that county.

Photo Album

This area is set up so you can create photo albums. You may upload as many images into your photo album as you would like. You can also create multiple albums to support your needs.

Fishing Maps

This area is set up so you can add waypoints for all of your favorite destinations. Add your waypoint, then add all the information you need so the next time you go back you will be ready to fish. Also, the waypoints you add are added to a map so you can visually see them all.

Discussions   it's good to talk a little.


The discussion area is set up so that you can submit discussions to any county that you have selected. Once a discussion is created, users will see your discussion in the county that you submitted it to, and at that time they may comment on it. Also, any discussion that you create, a user may ask you to be their friend. After this is done, it is up to you to accept them as a friend.

The discussion areas are set up so it is easy to use!

For the "my discussion" area,  you must select a county, enter a title, enter the message, and then submit it. It is as easy as that. For the "Fishing Pals" area, you must select a friend or all friends, enter a title, enter the message, and then submit it.

After using the discussion areas for the first time, you will see that it is easy and fun. We at CommuniFish look forward to talking with you in the discussion areas throughout the site.

Advertisers   it's time to increase profits.

As an advertiser on CommuniFish, there are many different ways to help your business.

CommuniFish is set up to offer sitewide or county specific advertisements. A sitewide advertisement will show your advertisement on every page that a user can go to. A county specific advertisement will only show your advertisement on that counties page.

As an advertiser, you will have the following:

Below are the following ways that being an advertiser on CommuniFish can help your business: